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Portable Fuel Cell

Project Details
Fuel cells provide uninterrupted power for extended periods of time and offer considerable advantages over traditional batteries by being lightweight, quiet and operating on renewable fuels (e.g. methanol). For tough environments, like those encountered by Special Ops soldiers on patrol, the weight reduction and quiet operation are especially important.

Prodigy worked with a high power and micro fuel cell manufacturer to design all of the packaging around the fuel cell core. By packaging, we mean all of the plastic enclosures, the cooling system (which includes multiple fans), the lightweight/disposable fuel bottle, and the entire look and ergonomics of the casing.

Prodigy’s strength in engineering, complex systems analysis, innovation and product development process led to a successful system that passed extensive Military Specification qualification testing and field trials, ultimately saving a soldier up to 80% of the weight he has to carry to power his equipment.