Why Partner with Prodigy

Why Partner with Prodigy?

For over 35 years, Prodigy has been the product development partner companies trust for groundbreaking designs delivered at speed. Our flexible workflow process, track record of creating innovative products, and reputation for increasing business value has resulted in 97% of our clients returning to us over and over again.

We deliver results faster.

Our project managers and technical leads emphasize in-depth discussions with customers to truly understand their needs and vision. We focus on the upfront definition phase to clearly define what drives product requirements and tradeoffs, enabling the design of the product itself to be more streamlined.

We are committed to transparency and ethics.

We believe communication plays a crucial role in developing and delivering superior-quality products. Our clients are involved in the planning and creation every step of the way, and we’ll review the plan with you in its entirety before development begins. We are also committed to accuracy in our cost projections so there are no surprises along the way.

We adapt to your needs.

At Prodigy, we believe in collaboration to its fullest extent – working closely with your team on design and development to ensure the resulting product meets your expectations. It’s an agile process that is specifically tailored to meet your needs and market requirements. It’s your vision, it’s our job to help bring it to life.

We deliver value for our clients.

Over our three-plus decades as a product development partner in a variety of industries, we have developed patentable intellectual property resulting in billions of dollars for our clients.

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