Developing products that are ahead of their time requires both the right resources and the right company culture.

We’ve created a collaborative foundation by building teams that work together seamlessly. If you’re seeking a new product development career, read on to learn how our company culture has made us a great place to work.

What makes Prodigy a great place to work?

The best thing about working at Prodigy? It’s full of people who work hard and have fun. We’ve paid attention to the needs of today’s talented engineers and offer an employment experience that reflects what you want. Our software, mechanical, and electrical engineers will find a workplace that encourages creativity. We also appreciate open mindedness and know that motivated professionals like you aren’t just content to sit on one project forever. You’ll find a group of forward-thinking people working on a variety of different products and an employee-focused management team eager to hear your ideas and provide the resources you need to unlock your full potential. Prodigy has an open-door policy: You can count on your ideas being heard. Each team has expert project managers and engineers who are willing to do everything they can to help each other and the customer.

How would employees describe Prodigy’s company culture?

Staff members across all levels of Prodigy agree: We combine a personal touch with cutting-edge resources, and we prize human connections. You’ll always have someone to talk to and collaborate with. Our attentive management team believes in employee advocacy, and there are ample opportunities to get to know your coworkers on a professional and personal level. We believe this facilitates motivation, cooperation, and growth. 

How does Prodigy live its company culture?

We support our team in a variety of ways. Our administrative and management teams are employee-focused, with the goal of improving your overall workplace experience. You can rest assured someone is advocating for you, whether it’s ensuring you get the recognition you deserve for your hard work or having options like flex time and a hybrid work schedule to help you achieve that critical balance between your work and your personal lives. 

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