Product Engineering

Product engineering is the foundation of what we do at Prodigy, but our team transcends beyond this.

We’re engineers who are constantly learning and evolving our knowledge to create better products. We’re a highly adaptable and flexible group with wide-ranging knowledge we integrate to take a holistic approach to product development.

Product engineering tools and capabilities

The highest level of innovation requires a well-rounded team with diverse skillsets. Here are just some of the product engineering tools and capabilities we leverage:

Systems Engineering

Prodigy takes a Systems Engineering approach to every project. By starting with robust requirements and coordination of a multi-disciplinary team to develop a solution, Prodigy will make sure all likely aspects of the product’s lifecycle are considered during development.

Embedded Systems

Prodigy develops custom embedded systems with embedded firmware to bring your products to life. 

Mechanical Systems

The Prodigy team’s knowledge and ability to create mechanical systems is unrivalled due to our diverse experience of developing products for a wide range of industries. We can develop robust systems capable of complex motions.  

Analysis & Simulation

Prodigy leverages the latest approaches and software technologies to optimize our engineered solutions and reduce risk during development.


Prodigy’s team of engineers can develop custom PCBAs from the ground up. They will develop the board schematics and layouts that with the firmware will bring intelligence to your product.

Regulatory Compliance Navigation

Whether it’s the FDA, UL, IEC, NHTSA, EMA, EPA or other regulatory body, Prodigy’s experienced team can help you navigate applicable regulatory standards and develop a product that will be in compliance.

Verification & Validation

V&V is part of Systems Engineering and plays a critical role in developing a product by reducing risk and ensuring a robust product hits the market that meets requirements. We start developing a V&V plan during requirement capture and specification release.

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