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Custom Measurement Machine

When companies make claims against their competitors regarding performance, especially in consumer categories worth billions per year, they need ironclad test data to support them, or face potential lawsuits unprotected. It also helps tremendously in the development of such products to have laboratory instruments that can provide instant quantified results regarding the relative performance of various formulations or prototypes.

In this case, the client needed an instrument that was more precise, repeatable, reliable, and customizable than currently available instruments, while also providing a method that better emulated real-world usage. In addition to exceeding the client’s expectations with these hard requirements, Prodigy exceeded expectations with soft requirements that included reduction of parts, ease of use, ease of maintenance, and ease of repair.

Prodigy’s strength in engineering, innovation, and product development process led to total project and product success. As a result, the client uses this instrument in every lab and factory that develops or manufactures this product category.