Harmar Tech Summit Presentation – IoT

On April 26th, Harmar invited us to their first Tech Summit in Sarasota, FL as a subject matter expert on all things IoT (Internet of Things).  Big thanks to Harmar for allowing us to be a part of this event that focused on presenting industry and technology trends to product focused employees. We are excited to see the new innovations and fresh ideas stemming from this event that could push forward the next generation of mobility products.


Data is king, especially for product manufacturers and their customers. So, integrating IoT best practices into connected products and product development is becoming a must have in almost every industry. Part of Prodigy’s job is to de-mystify all the industry jargon, show you how painless IoT integration can be, and open the door to fulfilling a product’s full potential by utilizing all of the important data captured through this process. Hopefully, we were able to do this for Harmar and we look forward to continuing to help companies in the future!


To learn more about IoT, visit our other blog post, ‘A Quick Guide to the IoT for Your Business.’ 


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