The Power of a Well-Designed Booth: Unveiling the Silent Brand Ambassador at Trade Shows

Ever contemplated how a well-designed booth can be your silent brand ambassador at a trade show?

This past week, we exhibited at Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis, our fourth show of 2023. To fully capitalize on a trade show’s opportunities, we keep the following three pillars paramount in our exhibiting experience.  

Open & Welcoming Booth Presence 

Creating an open and welcoming experience is key to engaging with attendees. How we use our physical space is always the first impression we make on an attendee walking up and down, perusing the aisles of a trade show. 

Our goal is always to invite a conversation; the booth presence should reflect that.  

Engaging Material and Capabilities Examples 

While there are many ways to showcase your company’s capabilities, Prodigy chooses to minimize product and material distractions. Carefully selecting product examples keeps the booth from becoming overwhelming while serving as an illustrative point of discussion to enhance conversations.  

For example: the Prodigy team created an IoT-enabled scale model of one of our patented machine designs for Advanced Manufacturing Minneapolis. Conversations naturally sparked around the model, delving into discussions about its design, functionality, and the solutions it represents.

This model allowed us to not only showcase a successful case study in mechanical design but also highlight our electrical, software, and prototyping capabilities.  

3. Relationship-Building Approach 

Lastly, properly setting expectations for the booth staff and desired company outcomes ensures conversations are backed by a relationship-building approach. 

Prodigy’s goal is to build a long-term partnership with our clients to serve as the foundation behind developing industry-leading products. So, approaching every conversation in a trade show setting as exploratory and with a genuine curiosity for learning more about each other sets the stage for how our potential clients can expect to be treated throughout the partnership. 

Trade shows are a dynamic platform for companies to shine, and Prodigy is committed to making the most of these opportunities. Our three core pillars—welcoming booth presence, engaging material showcases, and a relationship-building approach—guide us in creating meaningful connections and showcasing our capabilities. If you’ve crossed paths with us at a trade show this year, we’d love to hear about your experience. Drop us a line and share your thoughts as we continuously strive to enhance our presence and engage with industry peers! 

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