Our Work

Medical Device

In the medical device industry, where failure is not an option, life and performance testing are critical tools for both development and quality control. Prodigy excels at designing these types of custom devices to meet the demanding needs of this industry. Our insight, experience, and advanced knowledge of applied physics enables us to better simulate actual conditions so that test results more accurately reflect the real-world.

In this example, challenges include sealing, corrosion resistance, and temperature control of heated and circulated saline, as well as accurately simulating a bio-mechanical action that had yet to be effectively reproduced. Other features include network connectivity, pressure sensing and stepper motor control of two independent banks of 16 test samples, as well as LabView programming for all controls and user interface.

As a testament to Prodigy’s innovation throughout the product development process, we were instrumental in the original development of this unique implant product that saves surgeons’ time, and we invented the testing technology and instrument used to aid its refinement and quality assurance.