Our Work

Water Bottle

One of the most iconic brands in the double-walled tumbler industry decided to rapidly expand their product offerings. The main challenge was that the company had not undertaken a major new product development in nearly 40 years.

They hired an outside consultant to assemble a team of firms to rapidly develop a wide range of innovative products. In fact, three industrial design firms were chosen, with the common denominator of Prodigy to not only provide engineering and development technical support, but to manage the overall process thru to production.

The most successful product was the water bottle. Prodigy teamed with a leading marketing and branding company to work with the client and explore the existing marketspace, understand consumer wants and needs, and prototype several innovative designs. Once a design was chosen, Prodigy rapidly engineered the product and even added a few innovative (and patented!) features along the way.

Prodigy’s ability to not only design and engineer a product, but to manage the ever-changing complexity of the product development process, enabled the client to have the most successful and profitable product launch in their history.