Our Featured Experts

David is a product development professional with over 30 years experience. He started his career at Ethicon designing endoscopic surgical instruments. When Ethicon quadrupled in size in just 2 years, David architected and was the primary developer of one of the medical device industry’s first paperless drawing release systems. For the last 20 years, David has led dozens of product development efforts for Prodigy resulting in successful product launches and several patents.​ ​ In his current position, David manages the development/engineering team at Prodigy.

David has also led the latest infusion of technology into the Prodigy arsenal: the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). As the fundamental element that ties a product to its digital twin, IIoT is key for the future of product development where every physical instance of a product will have a digital twin that ultimately will be used to predict failure and optimize future iterations.