Trends at CES 2024 and Beyond

The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was a whirlwind of innovation, showcasing the latest and greatest in technology across a wide range of industries. From AI-powered assistants to immersive VR experiences, CES gave us a glimpse into what the future holds for our homes, our health, and our entertainment.

AI Everywhere

AI was arguably the biggest star at CES this year, with its presence felt everywhere from cars to mirrors. Volkswagen announced the integration of ChatGPT in their EVs, offering personalized entertainment and assistance on the go. Rabbit R1 unveiled its mobile AI device for health and wellness, tracking vital signs and providing personalized recommendations. And Baracoda’s BMind mirror used AI to analyze facial expressions and offer real-time feedback for mental health improvement.

Smart Home Fusion

The boundaries between different smart home devices are blurring, as companies work towards seamless integration and a more unified user experience. XGIMI’s Aladdin ceiling light wasn’t just a light; it was also a projector and a speaker, eliminating the need for multiple devices. Samsung and LG showcased TVs that doubled as hubs for controlling other smart home devices, making it easier to manage your home from a central location.

Rise of the Smart Rings

Smart rings are emerging as a potential successor to smartwatches, offering a more discreet and comfortable way to interact with technology. Several companies showcased their smart rings at CES, with features like health tracking, contactless payments, and even potential integration with Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem.

Personalized Content and Experiences

Technology is becoming increasingly tailored to individual needs and preferences. AI-powered recommendations and content curation were prevalent at CES, with companies like Netflix and Spotify using AI to personalize what users see and hear. This trend is likely to continue, with technology adapting to our individual tastes and habits in ever-more sophisticated ways.

As product development engineers, we are always excited to see what’s on the cutting edge. But we know that when the rubber meets the road there’s more than meets the eye to make these products a reality for consumers. Our time at CES is spent conversing with companies who are focused not on the glimmering products at CES 2024, but on innovating the products we’ll see at CES 2025 and beyond. Taking an idea from a spark to full commercialization is the biggest challenge, which we solve on a daily basis for our customers. What could we help you bring to the show in years to come?

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